Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blog Posting #6: The Future

Hey Class,

All your grades will be posted by tomorrow at midnight. Exciting, right?

For those of you who are sticking with the "college experience" over the next three or four years, or however long it takes, I hope by the end you'll come to appreciate 105 by then if you don't already.

For those of you who've decided this semester was enough with institutionalized schooling, there's a lot education out in the world in what you choose to do and how you live. Schooling is not always necessary, but for many of us, it opens doors to opportunities we unfortunately might not otherwise have. Whether in school or outside of it, I hope the writing, speaking, and other skills you've either learned or enhanced will allow you more opportunities in life, or better results for the opportunities you have.

Anyhow, if anyone needs to contact me in the future about whatever, you know how to find me. Want me to recommend to books, movies, places to look for research for school or entertainment, feel free to get in touch. Should this blog be deleted, there's plenty of ways to find me if you're smart enough.

Thank to all for a great semester,