Monday, June 13, 2011

Constructing Criticism - Extra Credit

“Criticism is always useful. When it's constructive it tells me about my work.
When it's destructive it tells me about the critic.” – photographer Clayton Cubitt

Background: Similar to how you revise and rewrite your essays, I revise and re-imagine each course each semester, working to make course concepts, materials, and layout more accessible and understandable. Unfortunately I can only do so much on my own, having experienced this course only from the perspective of the one who designed it. What I need are fresh eyes to show me what they see. Since eye transplant surgery has not been perfected and I was writing metaphorically, I need you. You’re one key to your successors’ futures.

Requirements: Your extra credit assignment, should you choose to complete it, requires you to write a formal essay in which you suggest and explain some constructive criticism:
1. which assignments you like or did not enjoy and answer why
2. new ways to organize the course materials and why you make this suggestion
3. suggest new technological tools or methods for course delivery and of course, answer why
4. explain how your experience in this class compares to other online courses regarding assignments, instructor feedback, how materials are delivered/presented, and anything else related to these contrasting courses
If you have so much to say that you can make each of these numbered points into its own 500+ word essay, contact me and I’ll consider allowing you to turn in up to four essays.

1. Like any good critique, it should be honest and balanced, addressing the positive as well as what can be improved
2. you won’t use “I” or even you/we/us/our excessively--don’t assume your classmates had the same experiences and thoughts you did

Word Count: 500+ words

Value: Up to 10 points, and an extra point of student posts on their blog (in which case you must email me a link to your post)

Submission: Responses accepted as blog posts or Google Doc for online only students. Non-blog responses must be in MLA format, etc. Treat it as any formal essay I assign. Blog posts should have spaces between paragraphs.

Any major formatting, spelling, or grammar errors will cause your essay to be invalid and worth nothing.

Due: 30 July 2011 - May be submitted earlier

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