Monday, June 13, 2011

Wings for Wheels: An Exploration of the Writing Process - Extra Credit

“In the day we sweat it out in the streets of a runaway American dream”, from his song, “Born to Run”.

Requirements: Your extra credit assignment, should you choose to complete it, requires you to go to obtain the Wings for Wheels DVD, which is on course reserve for in-library use only at the Beach campus, listed under my last name. Or you can rent or purchase it elsewhere.

Once you've obtained the DVD and viewed it at least once fully, write a response in the form of a formal essay. Do not summarize. I've seen this film more than a dozen times; there's not anything you can tell me about what happens in it that I don't remember.

Writing this essay, this argument, is about presenting new ideas.

In your critical response you should consider addressing one or several of these bullets:
1. How does the narrative of this documentary relate to what you've learned in the course? Write about specific lessons/ideas covered during class meetings or from your readings.
2. What did you learn from the film about yourself, creativity, writing?
3. Use specific details, painting a picture for your audience: What was the tone of the documentary, the mood, what were your feelings and thoughts?
4. What did the film make you think?
5. Critique the film--what was done well, what wasn't?
6. What other unique response can you give that I haven't directly prompted?

Word Count: 600+ words

Value: A possible 15 points, and an extra point of student posts on their blog (in which case you must email me a link to your post)

Submission: Responses accepted as blog posts or Google Doc for online only students. Non-blog responses must be in MLA format, etc. Treat it as any formal essay I assign. Blog posts should have spaces between paragraphs.

Any major formatting, spelling, or grammar errors will cause your essay to be invalid.

Due: 30 July 2011 -- though may be submitted earlier

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